by Gabe 'Nandez

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Art by Gabe 'Nandez


released December 5, 2014



all rights reserved


Gabe 'Nandez New York, New York

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Track Name: Champiyawn (prod.Chef Gold)
What's that there?
Scope him out, check that ear
Like an exile here
See me get rep like an ex-pioneer
T-rex i look at myself out here
Detects they looking for guests out here
It's like i'm fleeing the stress out here
Rejects lean on the fence out here

I be on my 1 2 3's
Blew leave of Blue Cheese in QP's
Pulled seeds from bush weed and
Pushed trees to shook peeps and took fees
2g's really was never the aim though
Lay low with pesos and take notes
Gabe yo, the cloaked fool who broke rules
Stole brews no O'dooles he's so cool

Cold food, wasn't trying to eat that
Seek daps from street cats for feedback
See paths to relapse and weave past
Never be back don't leave tracks believe that
Males seem to get in the business to get pussy
Everybody crooked and independently rookies
The rap genius with the pencil
Disobedient, Prometheus in the mental

Real talk, hate speech, outrageous
Still walk in grey streets without flavours
Triple negative, still selling all of the memberships
Single file crowd the door to get the medicine
Medici, Cosimo keeping all of your euros
Leaonardo Da Vinci Giordano the you know
The reasoning secretive to the artist
Who was seen as a heathen cause he speak to a goddess

Truthfully a liar
Knew this dude, used to be retired
You get used to being being higher
Navigating the clouds abdicating attire
I'm a sire, spitting it serious like messiahs
I split the bias and kick the fire that fit the fryer
I'm getting tired of getting tired of getting tired
Of the signifiers that's signifying the sin defiant

Colder thann February
In the world west of the east coast of the buried
One love to the cemetery
Ever ready and necessary like Emissaries
Why you think it's called protection and not theft and
Why the city hall built next to the projects man?
I shot the sheriff his fellas is on the terrace
Looking for weapons cause overzealousness got 'em jealous

Talk about fools
Whatchu talking bout, talking bout who?
Kidnapping the verbs
Spectacular rapping he spit vernacular firm
This that and a third of a fraction that brought me up
Hocus Pocus hypnosis the dopiest vocalist stunt
Back to the fucking future and into the past present
Rap peasants, can't stand where Nandez is
Track Name: Gipetto (ft.Ioan Delice/prod.Ioan Delice)

Yes I believe in you
As you should believe in me indeed
Like would you die for me
Tho I ain't ya precious Jesus piece
I'm sittin in the leaves talkin like my tongue was split in two
Spittin game to eve
Seduced into sippin juice from forbidden fruits
I ain't the most high
Tho I ain't far from it
soon as I kissed the sky
I was quick to plummet
Now I'm quick to dumb it down
Till errybody know ma shit
Baby won't you make it bounce till errybody notice it
Don't mind me I'm just rollin spliffs
Through em live vicarious
Stem my curiosity
like baby where yo cherry is
Your partners they been various
Sometimes I get lonely too
But out of all dese tricks, no bullshit
The one I pick is you
no trickin
That was rude
Girl u is better
Like u is bad
My eyes is chinky cuz I love u forever
Wit a little effort I kept her
Don't talk only eff her I prefer
Pop pop nigga hot like that pepper
Pop pop tweakin wit the freak of the weekend
Peakin in my seat, on the strip
In my seat let her strip
Shots straight through me
Shots straight through me in the whip
All Eyez on me
All Eyez on this bitch
Wanna bump n grind n bunt weed
Real nigga get atchu askin bluntly
Hit up in a Beamer or SUV
Like bitch I'm legendary

They ain't ready they ain't widdit can't see
Once you get in the centre you can't leave
I'm beginning to get it it take toll
Equate whatever the scroll say with the road
It's the daylight shift, strange can't find my way round shit
Through the maze, sensei delegated the good
Intellegente para my genre in the hood

Blurred lines in world wide with limits
So i split digits and win tickets like thin witches
Rap pottery scratch lottery stub tickets
The oven above him hover forever in the writtens
Prophetically do things
Dude strange got two names like Bruce Wayne
In reverse, hidden identity be the bond
Holy trinity to infinity and beyond

I'm a don, when I hear the sound of the fauns
I gets down like i'm let drowned in a pond
You know the crown made of thorns
Bound to the brow but brow made of bronze
I seen 'em they're moving the crowds with a wand
Run up on the hounds when i prowl with the swan
I'm gone like never come back
Scheming on the track since the weather gone black, where you at

I'm, staying alive in primetime forever
These motherfuckers is getting money to show measure
Pull the string scratch attack what you love
And return to the fire that burn the desire that you covet
It's like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder
How the realigned vines combined made me a hunter
Going under, over and out, no doubt
I'm a scout see me fulfilling the route gone south
Track Name: Bats (prod.SANGNOIR)
What's the use in
Making moves that reduce 'em
Missed the clues now the clues shift
Laying in the tomb tomb too thick
Clear as the days fade away
Night strike at your eye sight till your blind like mice in the twilight phase
My life made in design i pave
How you define what you couldn't find in the haze
Why, i, stumble upon omens at day
Folding the corners that's holding the page

How you ever get past what you living?
Anytime you on task anytime you fall back if they put you on blast could you feel it?
Instability inclined
No i mean literally be slipping every time
Figure many shapes take form in the dark
Under one kind of vapour that form in the talk that
That speak that, snap dreams that, leave a motherfucker trapped where he sleep at
Ain't nobody could have actually seen that
Which is remember as unseen it would seem that
It's so difficult, to break through the mould of an institute
Ive been introverted, out thunk the system
With much persistence i fuck the system

From the cortex to the chest then out the mouth into the beat
Through the time warp this rhyme talk the only sidewalk that's keeping 'em off of the street
How you break through, trynna pay your dues that's wasn't payed to
I take it that fate make what the fate do and fate never loose it couldn't cause it choose what it's all about

Making the cut like you really did
I'm in your guts like you getting sick
Broken open crushed what you couldn't grip
Pour benny in the cup more plenty get me fucked up, shut the lid
I begin to ride out as soon as i find that carriage
In this finite marriage, in between lines that define how i met 'em
Confined by pleasure, make you climb high into heavens
Scum of the earth they can't slide in the resin
See me get by, 3 hundred and six five days at a time

How the fuck you want truth when you run under the roof when you hear it?
And everybody want youth, nobody getting used to losing the only proof that was written
Blood put the sweat in the tears
Thugs put the slugs in your neck cause you here
Bigger nigga tell the little niggas get dough
Little niggas killing bigger niggas get pro
Couldn't get grown in a zone so small
So you flip this dope till the zone all yours
Cause the bricks hit home like a doorbell do
They're clocking your property with the Orwell tools
But it's cool, I don't need a mule
Fuck 40 acres I don't even need to choose
In between the womb and the west of the world
I'm an extraterrestrial meshed in the twirl

Real niggas ain't smart, nigga, not at all
Real nigga don't think fake nigga like art real nigga just ball
Some people may crawl dumb people stay stalled them people get gone
Me i got balls and my word is my law yo that's word to the gods
Track Name: Skein (prod.Space Heathens)
(Verse 1)

All day spitting
Bomb shit homie, arcane writtens
With the arcane vision
Picking on the prism like a starving pigeon
Me and my flesh
Pretty much an incubus in real life breath
Word up and around in the town is
They heard of the one who be holding it down its..

Yo i think i know, a lot about too much but
I thought about you, and i begin to move from wherever the glue stuck to shoe cause
Aint enough time in the glass, gotta count mine like mine till it last
It's the ominous task
Passage of time fly by till it crash

(Verse 2)
Ever since i been who i be, i've been the m and the e
On the scene like this
Off the grid plot the scheme type shit
He been in the dumps for a minute
Only in the head where measurement infinite
I,i can't stand sitting
Gotta get up get it get that shit in
It's guerrilla interference on the track
In the backdrop get got for your gat
Get robbed for your skill
Pull up in the whip get bought for your bills
I ain't trynna be a part of your plan
Awesome thing is i'm too smart for the man
Forever ever recurring in bends
Whenever the end get started again

(Verse 3)
What it is what it is
Nandez do it for the kids for the kids
Baby moms and the Breitling fienders
And all of y'all poor righteous teachers
We been in the dumps for a minute
Only in the head where measurement infinite
If you get it then get with it apprentice
Jet set, lift, respect the limits

I didn't know i was invented, until it postponed ascension
Realize that you're wise when and if now is pretending
Time in the glass
Slide, syphoning fast
Make time into ash
Ashes of time shine bright in the past

(Vere 4)
Past, listen, i ain't trynna fuck with your bullshit put the full clip in the rap
Sipped into negative pool pit's where you at
Hands drip from sedative movement's what you lack
Make 'em clap like an opera house
Echo in the hall to tall for the mouse
I'm the mothafucking boss of my own shit
Any mothafucka trynna step better know this
Extra stealth i'm extra fresh
Etch a sketch yourself before you stretch the shelf
Space cadet, i major in sacred text
Incubate my nature is ancient yet
How the fuck a nigga ain't the best
I could picture all these niggas trynna paint the rest
I ain't trippin', all in the ultimate
Coast to coast to coast cosa nostra shit

Yo i'm special, there's a lot moving in my lid
Always sorta knew what i was doing so i did
Moving in the sewers and i slid
Fuck was you doing i'm just assuming imma live
Never in the dumps in the spirit
Only in the head where measurement infinite
Get with it got it together you get it
Fall back into mad pieces embedded

Cannot contain was is wilding
Figures you couldn't explain where my eye been
We ain't insane you just crazy
Say the name ring church bells on the daily
Track Name: Vault (ft.Ibex/prod.Chef Gold)
(Gabe 'Nandez)

We don't really wanna know shit
All the people on they own shit
Stay away why you so close?
Everything turned grey like some old dope
Are we really on the road or?
Wishfully thinking of taking shortcuts
Either way all the shores touch
What the fuck you mean when you say what you throw up?

Yo i think i understand
Think you really need a plan
Looks to me like we're stranded

Yo its tremendous
I quickly remember soon as forgetting
The beckoning denizen from the den again with the sentence it's
Typically tricky to stick to cellars for dwelling
When hell is swelling from under you fucking with your perception
It's sorta crazy how people think that they know you
But never did cause their will wasn't in it it goes to show you that
Want is the seed of all knowledge that breed the gift that is understanding of ignorance riddled in little bliss, this
Live we living living itself
Metaphysically dripping its image out of the well
That osmosis of God notions in strong doses
Spawn far oceans of prognosis in Cosmoses

How you gonna have your way if
Anyway it's all the same shit
I ain't confused if I talk back
Been opening everything since the vault cracked
Do you think you know yourself or?
Know nothing no one at all no
All alone all together now


BOG lone bug to debug 
Push good earplugs byer chumps all em shrug thugs snug as slugs in a rug
Some sung buff scruff if roughed muff off in a huff tough better wrong than hung 
 On the other hand they clung to cushion your drums from all floating Thallium 
Plutot sal im young 
Pluto salle langue 
Tarzan in hand umbilical chord swung 
Hissing caged behind his teeth a forked tongue 
Sprung post bunk influences monster maltster bunch 
Dug smug against the grain he punched with a pinch of salt munching on Malthusian hunches at brunch 
Over population crimson Balkan contentions for lunch
Apparent these Merovingians can't    
Sprint with the rodent hunt with the dachshund 
Don chant type two grunts
Navy plate potluck supper hun 
Claim immaculate conception leaning toward a gestational cunt 
Intense silviculture sharp mind got blunt 
First born Marie taught him never to put up a front

Depuis le temps des chicouanges vise toujours les mangues
Convalescent garde le lit la - lis las - veux sauver de l'oublie son petit frere Kelia
Visage exsangue deux semaines de caquesangue
T'agites pas la caque sent toujours le hareng
La caque sent toujours le harang
Young Gro As is Above is Below
Track Name: Trine (prod.Yung Gutted)
Solar, when i roll up i be on my toes, only go toward the ghost
What's the opposite of prose i guess you could call 'em poems
I guess you should get on my dose
You already know
How the kid do it so awfully dope
Part of me broke what the art of the code was
Guard your throat before your arteries choke up

And they tell you its evenly split
Even the enemy know and pretend to be reading your lips
Talk that shit
Running your mouth you can't walk that quick
Seen the light in the steps in the distance
And read the fright that reflect on the infant

Fuck with the beat
Never enough i stay cutting my teeth
You don't want to get your area breached
I fucked up everything in the area suite
Young spitta on the come up
Tongue trigger hit a dumb spitta if he run up

One time I was blind in the mind
Nowadays I find my mind all the time
So many ways to be left in the trash
Like bags of the tar get pressed in the cast I
Do recall how we met
I remember the things that you said when you left I digress cause
Me i got rhymes to invest in
Reflect best when less slime is injected

Like A+ ape
1% DNA break up taste
Who fit what the shore tore in the frame
Rudeboy bring a new toy to the game
Which boy wants to get murked
Urching, surfing the surface of earth on the search
Watch where you step in the garden
Death as common as one breath in the wrong one
And it's based on that
Junkies in the alley with a baseball bat
I gotta stay warm in this cold life
Ghostwrite all over the song and it go like
Track Name: Vaccine (prod. Discarded)
Started off as a
Idea, i be the, prime visa, rhyme breeder
As smoke leaves from the hatch
You notice that what you're holding is something you never had
Madness, don't vanish
Stowed in the stones thrown on the canvas
You swim close to the sharks
And impose 'em your totem to shrink boats on the arc the,
Rap arbiter,track monitor
Sworn borders absorb order to stack Karma up
As he wander through the mirage
And ponder harder than charlatans barking up they saliva
Choke and you focus on how you breathe
Towed by the high ropes of devotion to set you free hear
Unspeakable noise
That spun features uneven in unreachable void

Tumbling down the crypt
To the watery artery heartily starting to lose force
Part of me gotta be half of what I embody
In this sowed booth with gold tooth and flow too sore

It's all thrice, all types of false triggers that draw dice
Me i'm ice, colder than what froze in the doors key
Showed me I don't get to choose if it chose me
Flow body the autopsy
Sling volleys like King Rodney and form posse's
Clocking the forked path
Stop on the block, score bags on North Ave
It's a drag, gluttonous greed hugging the need
And want in the same being just flaunting the same things
The dawn of the eighth sphere, prolonging a done stay
To rot in the sun's rays just locked in the one way

Yeah it's Gabe, man I flip flame from the torch
Fix aim then I kick game like it's sports
And of course i been known my throne been sitting
Been living in thin ribbons with wind picking
Whisper, everything sweet that turn bitter
Level with benevolent Devil dwell in my mirror
Mirror, on the, wall disappearing in
Fortress of melancholy, author revering him
Track Name: Trinity (prod.Discarded)
To the window, walls of the circus
In crescendo crawl to the surface
Finna get on and off axis
Off balance in trance and contrasting

Read the dot that stop on the line
Intertwined with emerald rock on the crown
Stick a match in a sycophant now he lighting up
Flip the stance into praying mantis and bite the dust

This that righteous combat mic shit
On that subliminal compact brightness
Tacit possessive reflection slept in the effigy
As the progressive ascension kept it from pedigree

Animus, put a man in abandonment and he vanishes
Like lambs in them parishes, landed in banishment
Who puts the worms in the hook and words in the book
Oh the trickery stink of disguise
Stick to skies, maybe you fly

Like Icarus slip from Sun ligament
Some think they'd run quick when gun trigger spit
Always seem to set one switch that come a trick
I ain't ever kept one itch that come with a fix
Broke into pieces shattered
Matter stick to the feet of the ladder
Finna climb up stay three steps ahead shit
Till the time up to reset the mechanist

What it denote
Everything got sequels
What you see might be what you need might mean what you be is it equal
Stole position and got caught
Out of touch with the fiction it's not thought
Ring round the myriad aspects
Arm,leg, leg arm head let arms rest
And, been around ground still around now
Surround sound n a drowned fountain of found vows